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Too many news for today. But the main news Blut’s member: Matteo Badetti on bass

[ENG] What you see is what you get!Hallo Blut friends, today is a very special day. We have too many news for you and we think it to share with you. 1 Today is our “Birthday” today, four years ago, we released our first single “Forget Paris”. 2 We are inside the new DarkTunes music Read More

1/9/18 Metal night

[ENG] During the patronal festival of Casalvolone organized by the association AL ME ‘PAJS, there will be an evening of metal, beer and entertainment. On the first of september we, Blut, will shake your souls and your brains with our show, then will be the time for THE HUM, Italian nu-metal, the night’s ending will Read More

A message for you

We have a message for you: #blut #rockinnsomma #rockinnsomma2018 #whysoserious #vacheroba #blutlive #live

Blut inside Rock Inn Somma 2018

[ENG] Hallo Blut friends, We have a big news for all of you. Blut will play at Rock Inn Somma on Friday 13Th (Friday 13th… you know what we mean) 2018 Here below the link to acquire news about the festival: Facebook page of Rock inn somma festival There will be some special stuff and Read More

Blut acustic set on Radio Village Network tonight

  [ENG] Hallo Blut friends Tonight on Radio Village network we will perform few our songs in acustic version and we will say something about us and our new projects. Check these out and listen us at: ➡https://bit.ly/1tTAMPZ Radio Village network’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/radiovillagenetwork/?fref=mentions Why so serious? #blut #blutonair #blutacusticversion #acusticversion #radiovillagenetwork #ausr #sliptrickrecords #secretsoundrecords Read More

We are inside the “Rock in park contest”

[ENG]We do not stop! What you see is the Bill of the “Rock in Park Contest”, we’re part of it, as you can see. We are very proud of this and we want all your support to allow us to win the contest. All the gigs will be performed at the Legend Club in Milan. Read More

Photoreport form our last show @ The one music pub

[ENG] So Blut Friends, we have the first pictures of the last show from a fan. Thank you so much. If you have some our pictures send it to us and we ‘ll upload it here. So check these pictures of our last  show in Cassano d’adda at The one Music Pub. Cheers and Stay Read More

First pictures form our Release party

[ENG] So Blut Friends, we would like to show you what’s happened last friday on our Release party. These below you can find the first stage pictures during the show. #Blut #Blutlive #live #releaseparty #insidemymindpart2 #insidemymindpartII #roadoutsideourmindtour #AUSR #Sliptrickrecords #Secretsoundrecords #happymoments #soIsaidwelcometotheshow Read More

Updates and confirmations

[ENG] So Blut friends here we are with a big news for you. Here below you can find our first dates of our new tour: Road outside our mind tour. Read More


[ENG] So Blut friends here we are with a big news for you. Here below you can find our first dates of our new tour: Road outside our mind tour. 29/4 @Rock inn comix (Somma Lombardo) with: X-plicit e Trick or Treat 19/5 @Estabì (Ornavasso) Inside my mind part II release party opening act : Read More