About us

The Blut project was born as a free artistic expression by Alessandro Schümperlin, formerly Anthologies band gothic metal.
The project from one-man band becomes, first as a studio project, and now a true band able to blend musical styles who formally they are in the fight into a kind of kaleidoscope of sounds.
Blut brings original music with no gender limitations and in a very short time reaches the first album, a self-production curated in every detail.

The lineup currently sees, after the mind, Alessandro Schümperlin, the crystalline voice, and the captivating and sensual movements of Chiara Manese (Katica, Metal GAGA lady gaga tribute, Ocean night tribute band Nightwish, and much more), Antonino Sidoti (Oculus dei) at the guitarist and co-composer of the new album. At the drums we have Stefano Morelli (Lifebreath and more) and at the bass Bruno Tortora (happy pink dead rabbit, Oculis dei).

Several guests are coming from different genres on the first album: Silvia Sciacca (ex Clothes of death), Giulio Capone (ex Temperance), Niccolò Paracchini (Argesh), Matteo Calautti (Ex Nightside), Davide Rigamonti (ex Eternal Silence ).
It’s almost impossible to fully describe the work “Inside my mind part I”, being a journey into lesser-known mental illnesses in the world, of course, you can cite some enigmatic episodes of the cd as the tragic “How can I kill her? “, Dreamy atmospheres of” Alice “by experimenting pop like” Forget Paris “and more specifically metal like” Where are they? “. There is even room for a piece in Italian “la via di Cappuccetto (the way of Little Red Riding Hood)” at times post-punk.

For this second work, “Inside my Mind Part II”, the situation has changed to give space to move for the personal choices of the lineup, although the initial compositions were all thought by Alessandro Schümperlin.
The structures of “Inside My Mind Part II” take on the beginnings of the first job but are more mature and defined with greater electronic infections. Obviously, we go with Arabian songs for “Jerusalem calls me”, a German song with smells of waltz for “Sigmund Freud ist mein Nachbar”, more martial tones for “Ekbom”, or a look at the movies for “Folly of two”. Also in this case to give some titles and some impressions specifically linked to the second part of the concept. In this album the participation of Marika Vanni has been predominant in many aspects and in fact, we can see a greater presence of her voice.
This second album was released in collaboration with AUSR and Secret Sound Records in a digital way and Sliptrick Records for the physic

On 2nd May 2018 we released a new album full pf remixed in electro-dark style,  the album is entitled “Inside your mind”; this product was released for Blut Records in collaboration with AUSR and Secret Sound Records in a digital way.

On 29th May 2020, we released “Hermeneutics” the new album, 22 tracks of industrial goth mixed with a bit o steampunk attitude and a bit of magic.
A journey into the 22 Major Arcanas You can find us in all the digital stores and for a few in limited edition digipack cd. All the stuff was released in collaboration with AUSR digital Ltd.

On 31st October 2021 we released a new album full of remixes in electro-dark style, with several guests like Richard from Aevum Band, Frater Orion from Deathless legacy, Augusto “Karl Guthorm” Chiarle from The Wimshurst Machine and many more the album is entitled “Samonoi’s Night”; this product was released for Blut records in collaboration with AUSR and Secret sound records in a digital way.

On 12th May 2023 we released “Traum” the new album, via Sleaszy Rider SRL. A journey into the depth of the Dream is the new Album called “Traum”; an experience out of time and space searching the various shades of the Dreamlike.  Each song presented in the album represents a dream theme, the nightmare, the premonitory one, and the erotic one, inspired by the research by Jung and Freud and arriving at a modern and poetic language. The musical material refers to metal, industrial, gothic, and electronic sounds, the typically electro / dark wave synths intertwine with the modern metal riffs of the guitars, the groove is dynamic and invites you to move and dance, the voices range from growl to operatic colored the themes of each song in a different way.

So is it impossible to define Blut? Perhaps the true essence of this project is its absolute indescribability.

“Blut, welcome to our fears …”