Yesterday we, and our label, revealed the album’s front cover and the tracklist of “Traum”, along with the correct release date.

Track-list will be the following:

1 Premonition
2 Alpha
3 Seele
4 Auspizium
5 Wie Geht Es Dir (Traum)
6 Deviation Into Exit
7 Du Bist Nicht Da
8 Alchemical Passion
9 Schatten
10 Wrong Soul
11 Verdammter Traum

“Traum” was written during the fall and winter of 2021, than re arranged in the first four months of 2022. Was recorded in the Summer of 2022. Mixed and mastered in Real Sound Studio by Roberto Gramegna and Ettore Franco Gilardoni (Time Machine, Marky Ramones, André Matos, The Shaman, Abighor, Latte+,Giorgio Gaber, Dj Ringo, Siberia, Eddy Antonini, Skylark, The Crooks, Thee STP, Primadonna and many more).

“Traum” will be released worldwide on physical/cd and digital format on 12 May 2023.