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Blut on Ultraje Portugal and Brasil

[ENG] Friends of Blut here is a novelty. For fans of our music in Portugal and Brazil you can find us in the June issue of Ultraje. The magazine can be downloaded in the Brazilian version,download free, at this link: http://ultraje.pt/digital/ultrajebr01.pdf or https://issuu.com/ultrajept/docs/ultrajebr01 While it is available in paper format, for the Portuguese version, at Read More

BLut @ Freakshow on Gold Radio web

[ENG] Hallo Blut friends, “Don’t stop me now” says Queen, so we don’t stop us! We will be on air on “Freakshow” on Gold radio web on Tuesday 22th of May, we wil have an intertview, we speak about us our past projects and next projects, and to perform some our songs in acustic version. Read More

New Interview from Battle Helm

[ENG] New interview for us! Battle Helm spent few minutes of their own time to ask something about us, our origin and something about “Inside my mind part II”. You can read it from the link here below: http://battlehelm.com/interviews/blut/ Read More